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Is the most common question everyone asks: "What happens while whirling?" With the Whirling Journey, the range of movement and sight to which the body is accustomed to changes while discovering ones center, how to maintain balance, going beyond the concepts of time and speed. Whirling, which is a game of a controlled out of control state, lets our minds forget all that it knows and opens a different space to enable it to gather new knowledge. In case we teach our minds this unaccustomed new information, we open the doors to be able to meet our emotions in a pure manner. This way, our true energy potential starts to reveal itself and the boundaries start to fall away.

With whirling, we find ourself bringing forth the tree of life in ourselves, which makes our inner sky meet with our inner earth. The tree of life appears in many ancient teachings as a plus sign with equal limbs. The horizontal represents the earth kingdom, the vertictal the divine kingdom. When we consider the posture of our body during whirling, our arms represent the earth, the lineer time (from birth to death) and the vertical frame from our feet to our head represents the divine plane and the matrix of time, which we start to experience.

The centrifugal effect we place ourselves under while our physical speed increases, lets the blood circulate faster, breathing increases, body temperature rises; muscles, glands, organs and fibers increase activity. Hyperventilation, hormonal changes and unusual electrical currents in the nervous system occur.

The capacity of the body and flexibility increases, the consumption of excess energy decreases and as an effect of increased energy levels, the body starts to move beyond recorded knowledge.

By going beyond basic knowledge in consequence to the unusual electrical currents that happen, an expansion in the mind occurs. We start to cross the boundaries of our usual perception of the world. We jump into a different state of consciousness.

The emotions and energies from lower levels get animated and expressed. Our bodies electromagnetic field draws vibrations from it's surroundings to itself and stores them. In time this accumulates. When we start to whirl, we start a energy whirlpool effect. This centrifugal action, helps us to move all stranger or slow vibrating energies outwards and get rid of them. In a nutshell, it shakes negative energy from the body and throws it out of the body.

With spinning around ourselves, we center the energy from our upper body into our body. As a result we draw this energy, which is our own to the middle of the body - to our heart region. So we can transit more flowingly from outer wordly consciousness into our inner world.

As one whirls, all perception starts to shift. The sight of ones eyes, the feeling of speed and the center of balance maintain that speed shifts. As the senses start to gather information differently, we step out of our usual ways and the mind begins to getting used to function with new information. We learn, that it is not necessary to always see clearly and that we still can stand on our feet, even if the sense of direction is confused and that we don't need to cover distance in order to be in speed.

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